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We Know worms inside out.

Passion & Experience

WormGro is a unique worm cast liquid extract that has been developed and refined over 30 years by Australia’s leading vermiculture expert, George Mingin.

George is passionate about growing abundant, healthy nutrient dense food and helping farmers to get the highest yields using practices that work with nature. He specialises in understanding what happens below the ground with fungi, bacteria, archaea, protozoa, nematodes and of course earthworms and how they all interact to create the natural soil fertility cycle to boost soil health and plant growth. His help has been sought by farmers with problems such as pasture dieback on cattle properties, to macadamia orchardists right through to large scale horticulturists.

George’s fascination with vermiculture started back in 1991 when he started working with worms to recycle organic waste. Clients included Heinz Foods, Australian Paper Mills, Hobart City Council, Melbourne City Council, Queen Victoria Markets and Herds Abattoir.

Around 20 years ago George and his family then established Kookaburra Worm Farms, one of the largest worm farming operations in Australia.

Matt, George’ son, joined George in the family business in 2015. As a qualified health practitioner specialising in biology, health and nutrition, Matt is now focused on improving the health of our farmlands and soils, which directly impact human and environmental health.

Over the years, both George and Matt have observed, tested and proven the massive benefits that worms and worm products can bring to agricultural and horticultural soils and follow on benefits to the plants grown in these regenerative soils.

These observations are now well backed up by a plethora of scientific studies showing the efficacy of worms and worm-related products in both improving soils and improving plant yields and plant health.

With WormGro you will use fewer inputs, less water and less fertiliser. It’s safer for you, your farm and the environment.

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About WormGro

Living, healthy, nutrient-dense soil structure is everything in food and fibre production. Worms are nature’s best nitrogen recyclers that can improve your crop’s yield significantly.

Profit & Planet

Synthetic, man-made fertiliser depletes your soil’s natural nutrients and the important microorganisms that live within it. Healthy plant growth from healthy soils means better profit and planet.

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