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Rooted in Research:
The Science of WormGro

Cultivating Progress with Microbial Innovation

Delve into the science of WormGro, a culmination of 30 years of dedicated research in vermiculture. Our extensive trials, like the one conducted on capsicum crops, demonstrate the undeniable efficacy of WormGro, showcasing a 27% increase in yield, a 10% rise in soil carbon content, and a significant boost in Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and Brix levels, which signal robust plant health and nutrition.

Key Components:

Microbial Diversity: WormGro’s microbial wealth lays the foundation for vibrant soil ecology, enhancing fertility and plant vitality.

Research-Driven Results: Graphs and charts from our studies illustrate the marked improvements in crop yield and soil health, offering agronomists a clear, quantifiable advantage.

Elevate Agronomic Outcomes with WormGro

Harness the Power of Organic Enhancement

Soil Health Enhancement:

Discover the transformative impact of WormGro on soil health. With its vast array of beneficial microbes, WormGro kickstarts the liquid carbon cycle, crucial for soil vitality. The result is a tangible increase in soil carbon, often up to 10% within a single growing season, leading to enhanced soil structure and fertility. This not only nurtures the plants but also rebuilds the soil for future growth, ensuring agronomists can rely on a foundation of vitality for regenerative cultivation​​.

Crop Productivity:

Yield and resilience are the cornerstones of successful agronomy, and WormGro directly contributes to both. WormGro contains natural growth-promoting hormones. Also, by releasing bound phosphorus, WormGro promotes the development of bigger root systems, which in turn, bolsters crops against stress. Agronomists will appreciate WormGro’s ability to consistently deliver, with reports of up to 50% increased yields, making it an unparalleled ally in crop productivity and plant health.

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Regenerative Practices:

WormGro stands at the forefront of regenerative agriculture. Its rich microbial makeup actively competes with disease organisms, strengthening plant immune systems and reducing the reliance on chemical interventions. By builiding highly fertile/humic soils, weeds will naturally no longer grow when you use WormGro. This has been demonstrated in our crop trials with capsicums, tomatoes and giant rat’s tail grass.

Plus, with WormGro, crops grown are not just abundant but nutrient-dense, thanks to its rich mineral composition. Agronomists advising their clients on regenerative practices will find WormGro to be a game-changer in regenerative, productive agriculture.

Forge the Future of
Farming with WormGro

Connect, Contribute, and Grow with Industry Leaders

Join forces with WormGro and be at the forefront of agronomic innovation. Our research partnerships offer an opportunity to engage in groundbreaking trials, shaping the future of soil health and crop productivity. We’re building a community where experience and new findings converge, empowering agronomists to lead in regenerative farming practices.

Our forums and discussions provide a collaborative space to exchange pioneering ideas and drive the industry towards ecological farming methods. As a WormGro collaborator, you’ll have access to a network of experts and resources that foster professional growth and environmental stewardship. Together, we can turn research into results and commitment into action, setting new standards for agricultural excellence.

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