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Using WormGro on your farm

WormGro comes in a dark, liquid form. It has a strong ammonia smell, which comes from the naturally occurring nitrogen-fixing microbes that have been specially selected to deliver soil fertility and boost the health and productivity of your plants and crops.

WormGro should be diluted with water to apply the equivalent of 10-20 litres per hectare, as recommended. Use a low-pressure, high-flow nozzle wherever possible to apply the product, as high pressure can sometimes damage the diversity of microbes in WormGro.

Ideally, you want to apply it later in the day, after the strongest sunlight has passed and preferably just before rain or irrigation.

WormGro needs to be checked for compatibility with other nitrogen-based fertilisers or herbicides, including glyphosate or pesticides.

As with all biologicals, do not inhale or drink WormGro. Wash hands and equipment after use.


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With WormGro you will use fewer inputs, less water and less fertiliser. It’s safer for you, your farm and the environment.

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About Us

WormGro is a unique worm cast liquid extract that has been developed and refined over 30 years by Australia’s leading vermiculture expert, George Mingin

Profit & Planet

Synthetic, man-made fertiliser depletes your soil’s natural nutrients and the important microorganisms that live within it. Healthy plant growth from healthy soils means better profit and planet.

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Large farming operations already use WormGro as a more natural and effective fertiliser to boost their production. Listen to their results here.