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The WormGro Advantage

Unlock the Secret to Superior Soil and Crop Vitality

Over three decades, WormGro has journeyed from a visionary concept to a cornerstone of regenerative farming, effectively reviving soil vitality the natural way. Born from a passion for regenerative agriculture, our formula has been refined through rigorous scientific research and real-world application.

We’ve harnessed nature’s wisdom, enriching our bio fertiliser with billions of beneficial microbes to transform depleted soils into thriving ecosystems. This enduring commitment to innovation and ecological balance positions WormGro as a leader in organic soil enhancement, offering farmers a proven path to enhanced yields, healthier crops, and a sustainable future.

crop vitality

Microbial Richness:

Unveil the secret beneath thriving crops: over one million subspecies of beneficial microbes in every drop of WormGro, each working to create the perfect soil balance.


Comprehensive Benefits:

Multiple farmers across Australia are reaping the benefits of our unique bio fertiliser. With increased yields on top of GSP, enhanced soil health, less reliance on harmful chemicals and a vast reduction in water usage.


Soil Fertility:

Discover how WormGro enriches your soil, unlocking its full productive potential.


Crop Resilience:

Learn about WormGro’s power to fortify crops against stress and disease, ensuring robust growth.



Embrace WormGro’s vision for rebooting your practice – pathing the way to a greener future with reduced water usage and minimal chemical inputs.

Real Farmers, Real Results: The WormGro Transformation

See How WormGro is Redefining Success in Fields Across the Country

Optimise Your Use of WormGro: Expert Tips & Techniques

Tailored Guidance for Every Crop and Soil Type

Discover the versatile ways to incorporate WormGro into your farming practice. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your current methods, WormGro offers flexible, efficient solutions tailored to your farm’s needs. Explore our application guide and see how WormGro can revolutionise your farming operations.

Liquid Fertiliser Applications: Broaden the Benefits

Foliar Spray: Boost Plant Health
Elevate your crop’s resilience with WormGro foliar spray. Applying 10-20 litres of WormGro per hectare, diluted at a minimum 1:10 ratio, directly to your plants’ leaves can significantly increase the Brix value, enhancing resistance to pests and diseases. This method not only improves soil quality but also reduces the reliance on pesticides and fungicides.
Soil Drench: Deep Soil Revitalisation
Revitalise your soil by directly drenching it with WormGro. This approach ensures that the beneficial microbes penetrate deeply, enriching the soil ecosystem and promoting robust plant growth from the ground up.
Fertigation: Streamline Your Application
Integrate WormGro seamlessly into your irrigation practices through fertigation, combining fertilisation and irrigation. This method disperses WormGro evenly across your crops, ensuring every plant benefits from its soil-enhancing properties without clogging your equipment, thanks to WormGro’s careful filtration.

Seed Inoculation

Kickstart your journey with WormGro by using it as a seed inoculant. Mixing 5 litres of WormGro per 1 ton of seed ensures your crops get off to the best possible start. This simple, cost-effective method introduces WormGro’s beneficial biology right from the get-go, setting a strong foundation for healthy soil and vigorous plant growth.

Practical Tips for Application

Pressure Considerations: For all spraying methods, maintain pressure below 80 psi to protect the integrity of WormGro’s microbial life.

Equipment Care: WormGro is filtered to 400 microns to prevent blockages, but always check your equipment’s compatibility to ensure a smooth application process.

Transform Your Farm with WormGro

Ready to see how WormGro can make a difference on your farm? Whether you’re looking for a straightforward way to get started or wish to maximise your farming practice’s efficiency and sustainability, we’re here to help. Book a quick guide or in-depth consultation today, and let’s explore together how WormGro can benefit your farm, tailored to your unique agricultural needs.

Real Farms. Real results.

Cross Family Farm 2021

The Cross Family Farm’s trial with WormGro showcased remarkable outcomes, distinctly outperforming traditional
growing practices. Over a concise trial period, capsicum yield increased by 27%, with fruit weight up by 20%.

Soil nutrients and plant health saw dramatic rises—soil carbon up by 10%, and Brix measurements indicating healthier plants.
Economically, WormGro proved its value, reducing costs by 29%. These impressive results highlight WormGro’s
efficacy, underlining its potential to revolutionise regenerative farming and profitability.

See The Results For Yourselves

Trial Details

Trial PeriodFeb 21 - Jun 21
Trial CropBlock Capsicum 3A

Yield Performance

Total Yield (Kg per Ha)12.34015,67527%
Av Fruit Weight (g)24128820%

Soil Performance

Soil Carbon1%1.1%10%

Plant Brix

Leaf Brix8.49.817%
Fruit Brix8.19.011%


Total Cost per hectare$70$5029%

Begin Your WormGro Journey: Custom Solutions Await

Personalised Strategies from Australia’s Vermiculture Leaders

WormGro isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s a bespoke solution tailored to the unique challenges of modern farming. Begin with a complimentary 45-minute consultation with Australia’s leading vermiculture expert. Together, we’ll craft a strategy that not only increases your yield but sets a foundation for a sustainable legacy.

Your Questions, Answered

WormGro seamlessly integrates into your current farming practices, whether you’re applying it directly to the soil or as a foliar spray. Its versatile application methods mean it can complement your existing routine without significant changes, enhancing soil health and crop resilience naturally and effectively.

Absolutely! WormGro is versatile and suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and commercial crops. Its balanced nutrient profile and microbial content make it adaptable across various soil types and climatic conditions, ensuring optimal growth and health for virtually any plant species.

Unlike synthetic fertilisers, WormGro is a biofertiliser teeming with over a million subspecies. These microbes improve soil structure, increase nutrient availability, and enhance plant growth naturally, without the harmful environmental impacts associated with chemical fertilisers.

Results can vary based on soil condition, crop type, and climate, but many farmers start observing improvements in plant vigour and soil health within a few weeks of application. For yield increases and more significant changes, a full growing cycle is often required to fully appreciate WormGro’s benefits.

The simplest entry point for integrating WormGro into your farming operations is by inoculating your seeds with it before planting. This method incorporates WormGro’s beneficial biology directly into your soil at the foundational level. While the full spectrum of advantages might unfold more gradually compared to incorporating liquid applications, beginning with seed inoculation is an excellent step toward enriching your soil’s health. This approach is ideal if your farming practices involve annual or more frequent planting.

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