WormGro Fertiliser


This is the latest in plant and soil nutrition, derived from a unique combination of worm cast extract and plant-necessary minerals. WormGro Fertiliser won’t harm bacteria, plants, or other vital organisms. It has unique bacteria that transforms atmospheric nitrogen into an organic form that plants can use. WormGro comes in 1L twin-chamber bottles with a  built-in measuring section for your convenience.

Other fertilisers can be used with WormGro Fertiliser, but they are not typically necessary. For every 10 square metres of garden or grass, use 20ml dissolved in 10 litres of water. Apply during the growing season every two to four weeks. Using more than necessary isn’t always better, so use sparingly.

Get outside and enjoy growing your favourite plants with the knowledge that you are being kind to both the environment and your plants—our goal is to bring gardening back to its enjoyable roots!