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Tried & Tested

WormGro has been tested in scientific trials and proven for over 20 years to increase yields, lower inputs and emissions while boosting soil fertility and pest and disease resistance.

Check out the results for these owners from a scientific trial on capsicum crops from

February 2021 until June 2021.

Total yield

Soil carbon

CEC (cation exchange capability is a measure of soil fertility)

Leaf brix (a measure of resistance to disease and insects)

Fruit brix (nutrient density)

Without WormGro

12.349 kg/ha

1.0 percent




With WormGro

15.675 kg.ha

1.1 percent





27 percent

10 percent

169 percent

17 percent

11 percent

What Our Clients Are Saying
“We have used WormGro on some of our commercial lucerne hay crops on a 16-acre black clay soil plot… After the application of 20L/ha WormGro, we needed only two waters (previously it needed four) and saw a 25 percent increase in yield just 3 weeks later. Of relevance, the quality of the plants has also improved and they look considerably stronger and healthier. On just 16 acres in three weeks, that was a net difference (exc. farm overheads) of $6,054 with WormGro and $5,000 without or a 121 percent uplift after three weeks.”
Matt and Justine McLeod, Lucerne and cattle farmers, October 2021 – Goovigen, Queensland.

With WormGro you will use fewer inputs, less water and less fertiliser. It’s safer for you, your farm and the environment.

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About Us

WormGro is a unique worm cast liquid extract that has been developed and refined over 30 years by Australia’s leading vermiculture expert, George Mingin

Profit & Planet

Synthetic, man-made fertiliser depletes your soil’s natural nutrients and the important microorganisms that live within it. Healthy plant growth from healthy soils means better profit and planet.

About WormGro

Living, healthy, nutrient-dense soil structure is everything in food and fibre production. Worms are nature’s best nitrogen recyclers that can improve your crop’s yield significantly.