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The Essence of WormGro:
Unearth Your Garden’s Potential

Step into the world of WormGro, where gardens don’t just grow; they thrive with vibrancy and vitality.
Infused with 30 years of expertise, our formula is an extract for your soil, ensuring it’s teeming with life and ready to nurture every plant to its peak potential.

Enhanced Soil Health


Enhanced Soil Health

Delve into the depths of your garden’s potential with WormGro. Our formula is a powerhouse of microbial activity, working tirelessly to improve soil structure and fertility. This means better water retention, improved nutrient uptake, and a thriving underground ecosystem that’s the bedrock of garden health.

Increased Plant Vitality


Increased Plant Vitality

Imagine your garden bursting with life, where every leaf is greener, and every flower blooms brighter. That’s the WormGro effect. By boosting plant growth, yield, and resilience against pests, WormGro ensures your garden is not just surviving, but flourishing.

Eco-Friendly Gardening


Eco-Friendly Gardening

In today’s world, eco-conscious choices matter more than ever. With WormGro, you contribute to a regenerative future. Our organic formula means you can bid farewell to chemical fertilisers and pesticides, embracing a gardening practice that’s kind to the earth.

Certified Organic


Certified Organic

With WormGro, safety and quality go hand in hand. Certified organic, our product is a guardian of your garden’s health, ensuring that everything from your ornamentals to your edibles grows in a pure, untainted environment.

Thriving Gardens, Thriving Gardeners:
Our Customer Stories

Real gardeners, real gardens, real growth. Our testimonials are a mosaic of WormGro successes, from beginners to seasoned green thumbs, all witnessing the transformative power of WormGro in their gardens.

Your Garden’s Best Friend:
Easy WormGro Application Guide

Simplify your gardening with WormGro's easy-to-follow guide.
Whether you're an indoor plant person, a lawn enthusiast, or a classic backyard gardener,
our quick guide ensures that your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Plant Your Seeds or Root Dip


Step 01:
Plant Your Seeds or Root Dip

Directly plant your seeds into the prepared soil, or opt for root inoculation of established plants. Never dipped your roots before? Check out how to incorporate this simple step to transform your garden:

Prepare the Solution: Mix 1 part WormGro with 10 parts water in a bucket to create a solution for your plants’ roots.

Dip Before You Plant: Briefly dip the root ball of your seedling or the bare roots of your older plant into the WormGro solution. This crucial step inoculates your plant with beneficial biology, setting the stage for robust growth and health.

Plant with Confidence: After the dip, plant your seedlings or repotted plants in their designated spots. WormGro’s root dip method supports stronger root development, enhanced nutrient uptake, and overall plant resilience.

Water as Needed


Step 02:
Water as Needed

To maximise the results of WormGro, add to your watering can! By adding WormGro when you water your plants after dipping the roots, you are giving your plants the best dose of nutrition all while acting as a natural pesticide and building plant resilience!

A Gentle, Effective Replacement: Regularly watering with diluted WormGro not only supplements but can also eventually replace traditional NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) fertilisers in your gardening routine. Its rich composition provides a more natural, sustainable source of nourishment for your plants.

Broad-Spectrum Benefits: Beyond replacing up to 50% of synthetic fertilisers, WormGro can replace sea mineral products and other microbial, bacteria, or mycorrhizal fungi enhancements. It is a versatile, all-encompassing solution that enriches your garden with everything it needs to thrive.

Enjoy the Growth


Step 03:
Enjoy the Growth

Behold the fruits of your dedication as your garden transforms before your eyes. With WormGro at the roots, watch in wonder as your plants reach new heights of vitality and lushness. This is the moment where your effort meets nature’s true potential—experience the vibrant, tangible results that only WormGro can bring to your garden sanctuary.

Your Questions, Answered

It will depend on your soil type and plant type, however generally you can expect to reduce your fertiliser input by up to 50% in the first year and more in subsequent years.

When converting from traditional fertiliser to WormGro, a gentle transition over 1-2 growing seasons is recommended. This will deliver better results than a sudden change.

In most cases yes, however it is best to use as a foliar spray. Depending on the pest or disease, it may be necessary to use WormGro more frequently than recommended on the label.

Yes, as it is low in phosphorus.

WormGro can be used throughout the year, but it’s most effective when applied during the early growth stages of plants and before planting. For established plants, spring and autumn applications can support robust growth and health.

We recommend applying WormGro every 4-6 weeks during the growing season to maintain optimal soil health and plant vitality. Adjust frequency based on plant needs and local weather conditions.

Absolutely! WormGro is an excellent choice for indoor gardens and houseplants. Use it when you water (just a few drops in the watering can) or as a root dip when repotting to provide your indoor plants with a boost of natural nutrients.

Yes, WormGro is certified organic and safe for use around all plants, including vegetables and herbs. It ensures that your edible plants grow in a safe, chemical-free environment.

WormGro is pH-balanced and generally has a neutral effect on soil pH. It helps maintain a stable environment that is conducive to plant growth and soil microbial activity. Make sure that you never apply WormGro directly to the soil or plant, always dilute it with water (minimum 1:10 ratio).

While mixing WormGro into your potting mix might seem like a good idea, it’s more beneficial to apply it directly to the plant’s roots. 

This method ensures that WormGro’s microbes are exactly where they’re needed most, working in tandem with the root system to promote healthy growth. By concentrating WormGro around the roots, you ensure the plant benefits directly from its nourishing properties.

A quick dip is all it takes! Just immerse the roots in the WormGro solution for a few seconds to ensure they’re sufficiently wet. This brief contact is enough to coat the roots with beneficial microbes, setting the stage for a healthy and vibrant plant.

Absolutely! While it’s true that WormGro originates from worm castings, offering a rich diversity of beneficial microbes, it’s also fortified with essential minerals vital for plant growth. 

These minerals are present at concentrations comparable to those found in sea mineral formulations, making WormGro a versatile, all-in-one solution for your gardening needs. It’s like having the best of both worlds – microbial richness and mineral nourishment, all from a single, earth-friendly product.

elevate gardening with wormgro

Elevate Your Gardening
Game with WormGro

Step up your gardening with WormGro, available in a variety of sizes to suit every gardener’s unique needs. Starting from a Single Pack (1L) at just $29.70, to the Double (2x 1L) and Triple Packs (3x 1L) for those with more ground to cover, we’ve got you covered. For the dedicated gardeners looking to make a significant impact, our bulk options (5L and 20L) ensure you never run out of the magic WormGro touch.

Take advantage of free express shipping on our 1L packs! This is your chance to nourish your garden with our top-tier, biological fertiliser, ensuring your plants are healthier, your blooms are brighter, and your harvests are bountiful.